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If you’re reading this you are probably looking for a platform where you can participate in a Crypto Raffle or some kind of information about Raffles or lotteries which use cryptocurrency.

There is a ton of different sites platforms games etc which offer this but very often the barrier for entry is pretty high,

Im not saying that is any easier to use, but, these other sites are generally trying to shill their token with a sense of urgency in a “buy now before its too late” kind of fashion with no real platform in sight and a team page that oddly displays very few developers (This should be a red flag, its a marketing campaign on steroids)

We are offering a different angle – no token shilling and we have a tangible platform built by a passionate technical team for you to play around with before investing any time or money into it.

We also offer free roll raffles, where all you have to do is simply create an account and you are in with a chance to win some free cryptocurrency courtesy of Mr. SatoshIE

Another thing which makes us different is the fact that we have our own Blockchain !

This might not excite you so much if your just here to win some cold hard cash but it does allow us to operate a transaction fee-less blockchain, users just have to port their tokens from Matic/BNB/Mainnet to satoshIE chain which is a super easy process involving 3 steps:

  • Approve our spending limit for our swap contract
  • open a new swap using your preferred token
  • Wait for our order book API to pick up your transaction
  • then collect the matching pair token to on the SatoshIE chain which you can use to participate or swap back.

All this is made possibly by our Tushy Token – what the heck is that you might think. Well Think of Tushy the same as Ether on the mainnet, Tushy is our native token and what you will pay for gas with. Tushy can be earned via our Dao reputation / Governance system, through winning raffles + participating or by running a SatoshIE node and collecting fees. Either way we want to ensure a mechanism whereby every user has enough Tushy to carry out whatever action they need to do on our chain by this means transactions are essentially free of charge.

So once you bridge your tokens you dont get charged for any transactions or interactions with complex contracts.

Can a Crypto Raffle compete with a Tombola

Without going into too much detail this

SatoshIE Crypto Raffle Platform

Taking this idea into the 21st century is a no brainer. Our revolving drum is a Solidity Smart contract, users will enter the raffle and buy a set number of tickets which will be assigned to their Wallet Address and when the raffle ends (either by timeline or by community voting) a random winner will be selected.

We want to be the only platform people thing about when they consider participating in a crypto raffle not just because they land on our platform because they like crypto but because we are the industry standard for how Web3 raffles should be done, for this reason our community is very important to us. If you have any tips for features you want to see added to either our Blockchain infrastructure project, our main raffle platform or if you just want more information about participating in a crypto raffle then do not hesitate to contact us or comment under this post.


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